ValueConsulting people M

The basis for a more successful IT organization. For IT managers with first burnout symptoms.

Services: Duration: 3 months – Coaching Call every two weeks – Development of SMART goals – 6 balancing programs.

Available as of 01 October 2023.


The product is unique due to the following features:

  • Innovative through the use of the latest findings in quantum physics
  • Efficient due to minimal time investment

The benefit:

  • You gain clarity about your own goals and are focused.
  • You will reach the set goals faster.
  • You recognize unconscious obstacles and dissolve them.
  • Minimum time and maximum result for you.


  • Analysis of your information field by means of quantum physics
  • Development of SMART goals
  • Coaching video conference every 2 weeks
  • Balancing your information field

Programs used are:

  • Personal success
  • Stress balance
  • Sleep Balance
  • Achieve SMART goals
  • Space Clearing Workplace
  • Space clearing apartment


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