ValueConsulting process S


  • Detailed analysis of the ACTUAL process via video conference
  • Modeling of the process using BPMN
  • Fixed price per process


  • Coordinated map of business capabilities


Medium-sized companies very often function on the basis of implicit knowledge and experience (“… we just know how to do it”). The processes are mostly not modeled and visualized. Thus, problems often go undetected.

The most common sources of error are:

  • Media discontinuities and missing interfaces
  • Missing functionality in deployed applications

This has an impact on business operations:

  • Too long development cycles for products and services
  • Excessive lead times for orders
  • Moderate to low customer satisfaction time

The goal of the consulting package is to graphically model the status quo of regular business operations. This makes it transparent how the company operates.

Specifically, the following benefits are achieved:

  • Process flows are documented
  • Optimization potential is recognizable
  • Regulatory requirements (BSI, DSGVO) are met

Subsequently, optimization measures can be identified and evaluated.


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