Focused for success – here’s how!

It’s really quite striking when you take a closer look at how unfocused many people are. People check Facebook while driving, eating becomes a minor matter and in meetings, of course, the notebook is open and people are “working”. Younger children in particular seem to have massive problems with attention and concentration and are often unable to focus and succeed.

It’s quite simple: the number of studies that deal with “multitasking” all come to the same conclusion: nobody is capable of multitasking – not computers, not men and certainly not women. People may be able to switch quickly between different activities – but that’s not multitasking.

Another aspect: If you add up the total time required, it quickly becomes clear that a task that is interrupted several times takes much more time than one on which I concentrate fully and completely and complete from start to finish. With focus – and without any interference.

Being focused means: de-clutter yourself!

But how do you ensure that you stay focused on a task? The answer is surprisingly simple: make the decision. Easy to say, you say – and difficult to realize? Yes, that’s right. At least at the beginning. Unfortunately, our ego always pushes itself to the front and wants attention. And it gets it when I respond to calls immediately, am “up to date” on social networks and reply to emails within a few minutes. In the evenings and at weekends too, of course.

So what to do? Enough of this! In the beginning, you will have to consciously banish the troublemakers: Email program off, cell phone on silent at the edge of your desk. And focused on the concept that needs to be written NOW. The more often you are focused in this way, the easier it will be for you.

The reward for the effort: Focused work to the end brings a sense of achievement. And, as a rule, the quality level is also higher than with work processes that are interrupted and resumed several times.

Always remember: You are the boss!

If you decide to make a change, there will be resistance. Sure. Because your employees expect the same behavior as always – and you are now terminating this “agreement” by making different decisions. That’s not only okay – it’s actually necessary.

Because in the end, we only enjoy the behavior that we ourselves have wholeheartedly chosen. Anything that we merely “copy” or “imitate” will not make us happy in the long term. No matter what your employees say: you have the dipstick in your hand. No one else is required to confirm the correctness of your decision – or to question this decision.

And the quickest answer is certainly not always the best! It often makes much more sense to allow an answer to mature. Well-researched and balanced, it helps everyone – you and your employees. It’s worth it, isn’t it?

Final thoughts

I have vivid memories of my first years at work: They were characterized by a Eurosignal transmitter and a dictation machine. Certainly everything went more slowly and I had to wait longer for decisions. But we kept at it. Staying focused leads to more quality overall. This is an invaluable asset, especially when combined with a personal objective. I am happy to support you when it comes to being better focused and personally successful!

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