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I have been fascinated by computers since I was a child. The first “process optimization” was a long time ago – back then I was 12 years old and was allowed to use Dad’s computer system to organize a student survey and record the results.

A few years later – the PC era had just begun – it was the small and medium-sized companies whose business processes I was able to optimize through customized networks and individually developed applications.

I still remember well a situation in my 30s: I was told about the immense effort that had to be put into manually combining decentrally stored data in order to determine the required key figures for the management level.

Automating data retrieval and aggregation saved several thousand person-days of work – per month. This was made possible by a common understanding of the processes and selection of the right technology building blocks.

A few years later, it was an extremely challenging sub-project management that took me to the limit of my endurance. Within a few days, my calendar and mailbox were full to bursting, and I was initially unable to meet the expectations that were placed on me.

This only changed when I was able to gain a deep insight into the “energy” of this project and recognized the real causes of the problems: non-transparent goals and a lack of appreciation. This enabled me to set my own goals and henceforth align my management activities with these goals. This enabled my team and me to contribute significantly to the success of the overall project.

What I realize today is that many mid-sized companies are overwhelmed with the abundance and complexity of products and services in IT. This often results in IT costs that are too high – with less than optimal support for business processes. I help my clients to optimize processes, select the optimal technology and complete upcoming architectural tasks.

I’m here to help mid-sized businesses and nonprofits respond to the challenges of a rapidly changing world. Because I am deeply convinced that technology used in moderation will make this world a better place – if people are at the center of everything we do.

  • Born 1965
  • Study Business Informatics
  • More than 5 years of project and program management
  • More than 10 years Enterprise and Solution Architect
  • Certified Requirements Engineer (CPRE Foundation)
  • Certified Architect (TOGAF 9.1)
  • Certified Coach (Society of NLP)
  • Motto: You are what you think, because energy follows attention